Have you ever stopped to wonder if you are really making a significant difference in your world? Your city? Your church? Your family? Have you felt insignificant in the ministry you do? If so, you are a prime candidate for discouragement. Discouragement visits the man who sees no results. a big reason your spirit may be deflated is that you have not remembered an invisible impact – your influence! May this little book refocus your spiritual eyes to see how you have influenced, how you are being influenced, and how you can better influence others for the glory of God.
Influence: $6.95

Just Friends

We all know it’s there, but no one really knows what to call it, and for some strange reason everyone is afraid to talk about it! So what do you call it? You’ve probably said it. “We’re just friends!” Sometimes you mean it; sometimes you mean something a little stronger, but a bit harder to define. Whatever you call it, it’s time to understand a reasonable and biblical approach to guy/girl relationships. This book will help you protect your heart as you journey through the dangerous minefields of young emotions and early attractions. And it will help you understand the biblical principles that will ultimately lead you to true love and a “wonderful someday.”
Just Friends: $12.95

Called To Preach

What does a middle school teenager do when he feels God wants him in the ministry? Most adults don’t want a 13-year-old pastor. Is there anything he can do now to prepare? Yes! This book is full of “how to’s,” from sermon preparation to building a library. This book includes how to get invitations for places to preach, how to speak to children and teens, etc. This book is also being used as a textbook in many Christian colleges.
Called To Preach: $15

God Will Make This Trial a Blessing

Whiskey bottles. Loaded dice. Poker tables. Killers. Cigarette smoke. Racketeering. Threats. The mob. Dixie Mafia. Payoffs. Bribes. Fights. Bogus money. Nightclubs. Assassins. Loneliness. Guilt. Drunkenness. Then… A church. A preacher. A Bible. A sermon. An invitation. Salvation. A miracle. A changed life. Restored relationships. Joy. A future. How would you feel? It was a Wednesday night and our family was ready for church. Dad was late getting home. News headlines flashed on television, “Three men arrested… largest counterfeiting ring in Louisiana history…” We saw men being loaded into police cars, all handcuffed. One looked familiar… it was my Dad! Our lives would never be the same. Get this book and read the actual account.
God Will Make This Trial a Blessing: $8.95

Facets of Christ

We have heard the phrase “What would Jesus do?” Now, “What was Jesus like?” Paul tells us to “Preach Christ.” We must know Him before we can preach Him. This book contains 192 character traits of Jesus. Verses are in each chapter with short applications. This book is being using for family devotions, Sunday School lessons, sermons, and for personal enrichment.
  Facets of Christ: $20

Called or Crazy

This is a “how to” manual for teen workers. If you work with teenagers, this book is a must. Chapters include the following: “Teen Activities”, “Counseling”, “Root Problems”, “Teen Workers”, “Camps”, “Fundraisers”, “Rallies”, “Bible College”, etc. This book is being used as a textbook in many Christian colleges.
Called or Crazy Price $15

Ideas for Big Days

Big Days – every church has them. Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, Break the Record Sunday, etc, they must be well planned, Ideas for Big Days in our Churches is simply that – ideas to make Big Days get all the yardage possible with the most souls saved. Chapters include: How Jesus Attracted the Crowds, Why People Attend Special Sundays, Financing a Big Day, The Invitation, Make Visiting Easy, Attendance Campaigns, and Schedule of the Service.
   Ideas for Big Days: $14.95


Another “how-to” book for Christians who want to be personal soul winners. This book contains the start to finish of soul winning beginning with the doctrine of salvation all the way to getting your converts to church. It is a very practical book. It is also being used as a college textbook at many Christian colleges. “I enthusiastically recommend this book and it’s author.” Dr. Jack Hyles. “I have never read anything better than this.” - Dr. Carl Hatch. “This is the greatest work I have ever read.” - Dr. Jack Trieber.
Soul Winning “The Heart of God” Price $15

Basic Training

Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers provides the tools necessary to effectively teach your class, to effectively maintain class’ attention, to be well prepared and to lead your students to Christ. This is a one of a kind book that prepares you to be victorious in the real battle of the ages, the battle for men’s souls.
Basic Training for Sunday School Teachers: $15


The Bible tells us in Hebrews “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. This is the only command we as Christians are to do today more than we did yesterday. The passage uses the phrase “so much the more” As evil days increase and the coming of Christ approaches, we are to exhort one another to finish the race. Exhort! Encourage! The biggest enemy of Christian workers is discouragement. How do we make it through the trials, valleys, and dark days of life?”
Encouragement: $15.95