Sermon CDs



A Christian's Relationship with Money

Eight practical messages on a Christian’s relationship with money. Set includes: Giving God Leftovers; God’s Plan for Your Money I; God’s Plan for Your Money II; Financial Discernment; Being a Steward; Resolving Financial Stress; Getting Out of Debt; and Our Relationship with Money.
A Christian’s Relationship With Money: $27



Big Days

Five messages plus two DVDs on Big Days. Set includes: Join the Team; What to do After Victory; Are You Saved?; How to Join the Team; Just Say “I Do”; Big Day 2004 (DVD); and Big Day 2005 (DVD).
Big Days: $24



Challenge To Do Even More!

Ten message that challenge the listener to to even more! The set includes: What is Harder?; Six Ditches You Need to Jump Over; Pillars of the Church; How to Enjoy Sin to Its Fullest; The Riches of Ezekiel; Priorities; The Turning of the Leaves; Don’t Miss the Party; Being Deceived; Satan’s Goals for This summer. 
Challenge to Do Even More!: $33




Child Rearing Seminar

Based on the principle of “They cry now or you cry later,” this seminar covers: Training and Discipline; Raising Teenagers; Turning a Child’s Heart Back to You; Helping Your Child Stand for Right; and Biblical Discipline.
Child Rearing Seminar: $10



Christian Appearance

A Bible-based sermon by Pastor Mike Ray.
Christian Appearance: $38



Diffusing Anger

Eight message on the powerful emotion of anger including Lengthen Your Fuse; Resolving Anger; and Overcoming Anger.
Diffusing Anger: $27





Five hard-hitting, practical messages to fathers. This “men only” set includes messages on The Ideal Dad; The World’s Greatest Dad; The Ideal Father; Noah’s Pay; The Father Who Never Grew Up (Michael Jackson).
Fathers: $18




Three messages of comfort about our Eternal Home. Messages include Your Heavenly Home; Practicing for Heaven; and Are You a Local or a Tourist?
Heaven: $12




  Four convicting messages on Hell, incuding The End of Sinners; What is Hell?; I Smell Brimstone; and Things in Hell Our Churches Need.
Hell: $15


training child



Help Parents Train Up Their Child

Four Biblical message to help parents. Set includes The Blessing; Lesson on Child Rearing; How to Rear a King; and Building Relationships Before Building Arks.
Help Parents Train Up Their Child: $15



I Still Do

A 90-minute marriage seminar for engaged and married couples. 
I Still Do: $5



Keeping the Joy During the Holidays

The holiday season can be less than joyful for some people. This set of 10 Christmas messages focuses on Keeping the Joy During the Holidays. Set includes: The Power of a Gift; Having Joy; What Jesus Wants for His Birthday; Who Will Be King?; Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh; When God Seems Inactive; Realtionships with Relatives During the Holidays; The Spirit of Mary and Joseph; What to Do When Life Stinks; and Life’s a Journey.
Keeping the Joy During the Holidays: $33




Marriage and the Home

This set of eight practical messages on Marriage and the Home include: Play Your Role; How to Feel Close; How to Royally Mess Up Your Lie; Marriage; How to Relieve Stress at Home (I and II); Defrauding; and How to Prepare Your Children for Their Wedding Day.
Marriage and the Home: $27



Military Sunday

Be part of a celebration honoring those who have served our country in all branches of the military. A special presentation is made to a Pearl Harbor survivor. 
Military Sunday: $5



Preparing Christian Soldiers for Spiritual Warfare

Christian soldiers can prepare for inevitable spiritual warfare with these two messages: Why the Devil Would Make a Better Christian Than You; and Resist the Devil.
Preparing Christian Soldiers for Spiritual Warfare: $9




Preparing Your Child for Their Wedding Day

Pastor Mike Ray teaches about what parents can do to prepare their children for their wedding day. A DVD of the wedding ceremony of Pastor Ray’s eldest daughter, Charity, is included.
Preparing Your Child for Their Wedding Day: $10



The Real Christmas Story

Christmas brings thoughts of presents, hot cocoa, family, lights and trees, but what is the real story of Christmas? Pastor Mike Ray tells the story of the Savior born in a manger who came to save lost sinners. The DVD also includes Christmas music.
The Real Christmas Story: $5




Twelve messages on the book of Revelation, including: Jesus the Judge; Churches Getting Commended and Corrected; Rapture, What’s Happening in Heaven; Jesus is the Lion with the Book; The Two Witnesses; The Fifth Trumpet, the Vials; How the Anti-christ Comes to Power; Gog and Magog; The Battle and the Bride; The Millennial Reign of Christ; The Great White Throne Judgment;  and The New Jerusalem.
Revelation: $40





Five messages on Soulwinning, including: Winning the Hard Cases; Secrets of the Vine; The Two Greatest Commands and Two Greatest Sins; Hear the Heartbeat of God; and Becoming a Personal Soulwinner.
Soulwinning: $18



Soulwinning: The Heart of God

An audio version of a “how-to” book for Christians who want to be personal soul winners. This book contains the start to finish of soul winning beginning with the doctrine of salvation all the way to getting your converts to church. It is a very practical book. It is also being used as a college textbook at many Christian colleges. “I enthusiastically recommend this book and it’s author.” Dr. Jack Hyles. “I have never read anything better than this.” Dr. Carl Hatch. “This is the greatest work I have ever read.” Dr. Jack Trieber.
Soul Winning: The Heart of God: $20



Strengthening the Local Body of Christ

Eight messages on Strengthening the Local Body of Christ, the church. Set includes: When Jesus Comes Himself; Loyalty in Royalty; Christian Appearance (I and II); Four Tests of Life; and Why It’s Hard to Get Back.
Strengthening the Local Body of Christ: $27




Strengthen Wavering Hands

Eight messages from the heart by Pastor Mike Ray to Strengthen Wavering Hands including: How Job Made It Through; What to Do When You’re Stoned; Encouragement for Difficult Seasons; How to Get Our of Prison; What to Do With the Fragments; How Not to Crack Up; They Took It on the Second Day; and Why Do the Innocent Suffer? [
Strengthen Wavering Hands: $27



Teen Conference & College Chapel Messages

Eight exciting, motivational and practical messages from teen conference and college chapel sermons. Set includes: I Dream; The Prodigal Son; Desire; What to Do Until You’re King; Truth on Dating; and Dating Truth.
Teen Conference & College Chapel Messages: $27




Four helpful messages about teenagers for teen workers and parents. Set includes: The Bible and Teenagers; Working with Children and Teens; what You Can Do to Help Our Teenagers; and Raising Teens. 
Teenagers: $15




To Keep Your Spiritual Heart Pumping

Eleven message to Keep Your Spiritual Heart Pumping including: Be Not Deceived; Thou Shalt Not Kill; What to Do When You’re Going Through a Trail; Retrofitting Your Life; How to Encourage Yourself; The Joy of the Lord is My Strength; How to Stay Encouraged; Why Good People Suffer; Lessons Under the Juniper Tree; Take the Seventh Dip; and Stayin on the Wheel. 
To Keep Your Spiritual Heart Pumping: $35



Truths from Bible Characters

Fourteen practical messages on nine Bible characters. Set includes: Abraham – What I Like About Abraham; David – A King in the Making; David – The Friendship of David; David – The Giant that Killed David; David – A Man After God’s Own Heart I; David – A Man After God’s Own Heart II; Esther – The Queen; Job – Consistency; Job – Why He Made It Through; John the Baptist – The Greatest; Joshua – A Man of Faith; Judas – World’s Biggest Failure; Paul – The World’s Worst Sinner, The World’s Greatest Christian; and Samson – The Man Who Could Have Been
Truths from Bible Characters: $38