Our History



A Look at Our Church’s History

In 1972, Hopewell Baptist Church  started in a living room on 3rd Street as an Independent Baptist Church. The first pastor stayed six years and led the church to purchase the Valley Methodist Church on Linda Vista. When he moved, Pastor Guzman pastored  the church for the next six years. Brother Guzman moved to Indiana to further his Bible college education and Pastor Mike Ray became the third and final pastor.

Through the years, many young people have surrendered their lives to serve God full-time. We currently have people out of our church who are serving in the following Godly capacities: pastor’s wife in Washington, pastor and wife in Wisconsin, pastor in Colorado, Christian school teachers in Illinois and Oregon, and Missionaries in Bolivia, Cambodia, Hungary, and China. We also have many young people serving in ministries right here in California.

God has blessed us through the years and our prayer is that God will continue to allow us to see much more done for the honor and glory of God.